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Latest from the Blog

Closing the loop

When people report issues in their communities, one of the things we hear most is that they want to know when it’s fixed and, more broadly, they want to know they’re making a difference. That means that at Safety Cone, we aim to “close the loop” – not just report issues to the right people, butContinue reading “Closing the loop”

Finding the right people: DuPage County, IL

Here at Safety Cone, we’re determined to develop the most comprehensive database of land maintenance organizations in the US. Recently, we’ve been focused on roads. And it turns out road maintenance organizations are complicated! Just to illustrate the level of complexity, here’s a case study of DuPage County, IL. It’s a smallish county just westContinue reading “Finding the right people: DuPage County, IL”

Glorious efficiency

This post is a thank you to all the hard-working folks who get things fixed! This week, we spotted a branch down on a little trail in our community. The lighting was pretty bad, but it was enough to submit a report to the folks who handle repairs. Less than 24 hours later, this tree-handlingContinue reading “Glorious efficiency”

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