Announcing: Subscribe to this issue!

Thanks to all the folks who’ve said “I care about this problem – can you keep me updated?” we now have a Subscribe to Updates feature on every single report across Safety Cone. This is a great way to make your voice heard, and get updated on issues you care about in the process. YouContinue reading “Announcing: Subscribe to this issue!”

Finding the right people: DuPage County, IL

Here at Safety Cone, we’re determined to develop the most comprehensive database of land maintenance organizations in the US. Recently, we’ve been focused on roads. And it turns out road maintenance organizations are complicated! Just to illustrate the level of complexity, here’s a case study of DuPage County, IL. It’s a smallish county just westContinue reading “Finding the right people: DuPage County, IL”

Horror stories: Does anyone care about this tree?!

When there’s a falling dead tree behind your house, threatening both a power line and a small creek, what do you do? You have three options. One: do nothing. Easiest option. Feel vaguely guilty about it for a few weeks, maybe deal with a short power outage or a little flooding. Two: the traditional route.Continue reading “Horror stories: Does anyone care about this tree?!”

Horror stories: A dark and snowy night

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away known as New Jersey… Allow me to set the scene. It’s a dark midwinter night, you know the type, with swirling snow and most people safe at home. The protagonist of our story is driving along happily, and pauses briefly at a big box storeContinue reading “Horror stories: A dark and snowy night”

Hello! We are Safety Cone

Hello, World! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Who are we, you ask? Great question. A few possible answers: We are nerds, the kind who get excited about git, DNS propagation, and hunting down async bugs. We are citizens, and we participate in our democracy and local government whenever we can. We are programmers, withContinue reading “Hello! We are Safety Cone”