Closing the loop

When people report issues in their communities, one of the things we hear most is that they want to know when it’s fixed and, more broadly, they want to know they’re making a difference. That means that at Safety Cone, we aim to “close the loop” – not just report issues to the right people, but also get feedback on when those issues are addressed.

Today I’ll discuss two topics: our first loop closures and how we plan to get even better at this moving forward.

San Diego gets it done

We recently had our first auto-closure of an issue – San Diego, which uses the excellent Get It Done app, emailed us to let us know a graffiti issue had been fixed. You can see the whole issue on Safety Cone or San Diego’s website.

Check out the before and after of this issue below by sliding the vertical bar back and forth. (Note: profanity has been blurred out in the before image. The after image, happily, has no profanity to remove!)

Closing ever more loops

Over at Safety Cone we’re putting a great deal of effort into closing loops in smaller cities and towns, and we’ve got a few ideas you might see rolled out in the next couple weeks.

  1. The obvious: follow up directly with the organization we reported the issue to with easy “yes this is fixed” and “not yet” buttons.
  2. Give interested users some locations near them to check if local issues have been fixed. This has the bonus effect of improving community cohesion, and demonstrates to organizations that people really care.

Do you have thoughts on how we can close this loop even better? Let us know in the comments!

As always, please report issues in your community to, and we can take care of routing them to the right place…and hopefully letting you know when they’re fixed!

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