Glorious efficiency

This post is a thank you to all the hard-working folks who get things fixed!

This week, we spotted a branch down on a little trail in our community. The lighting was pretty bad, but it was enough to submit a report to the folks who handle repairs.

A substantial branch has fallen across a small trail

Less than 24 hours later, this tree-handling team rolled up. Three people hopped out, equipped with cones (like a Safety Cone, yeah?), electric chainsaw, rakes, and of course the giant wood-chipper and truck to carry the debris. In less than five minutes, they had chunked up the branch, fed it into the chipper, used a leafblower to clear the debris, and swept the street where they’d parked. Then they were off! Presumably to make some other person’s day by keeping their community clean and safe.

An efficient team processes the branch into wood chips

Thank you!

You can check out this specific report here, or submit a new issue any time at Try it out today, and improve your built environment.

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