Horror stories: A dark and snowy night

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away known as New Jersey…

Allow me to set the scene. It’s a dark midwinter night, you know the type, with swirling snow and most people safe at home. The protagonist of our story is driving along happily, and pauses briefly at a big box store to pick up a snack. With snow on the ground, it’s hard to see the parking lines, so we watch as the car drives slowly over to the front of the store. Out of the muffled hum, we hear two sharp thunks. The car comes to an abrupt stop. The confused driver emerges, and inspects the result of his careful driving. He has not one but two flat tires, and on further investigation, he finds the cause: a jagged piece of metal sticking straight up out of the parking lot. He guesses it may once have been a sign denoting accessible parking. Regardless, tonight it means a long pause in this parking lot. After all, who carries two spare tires?

The icing on the cake comes about five minutes later. “Oh, dear,” she says, “did you run over that post? I made that mistake last week. What a pain.” 

The sympathy is nice, but something feels off. “Wait a second…” our protagonist asks, “how long have you known about this?”

It comes out that all the locals know about the issue. But no one has ever reported it to the responsible authority, so there is no warning, not even a single orange safety cone to mark the hazard. 

He vows, then and there, that he will never stand for such activity in his own community. This nightmare ends tonight.

Do you have a municipal issues horror story? Let us know in the comments or by emailing at founders@getsafetycone.com! And try submitting your reports at getsafetycone.com – it’s quick, easy, and totally free.

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